Swamp People

In the farthest corner of Louisiana lies the nation's largest swamp - a hidden world where nature rules... and man fights back. The Cajuns that live in this forbidding environment follow a tradition dating back three hundred years - the thirty day alligator hunting season.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Swamp People
  • IMDB: tt1747551
  • Seasons: 10

Series Cast

Pat Duke

Pat Duke

Narrator (voice)

Latest Swamp People Episodes

  • 11x14 | Final Showdown

    On the final day of the season, Troy and Terral try to tag out in a cursed bayou. Jacob and Don chase monsters into deep waters. Daniel’s airboat breaks down in the marsh, while Joey and Zak try to keep the family on track. Ronnie and Ashley struggle to recover from missed days on the water.
  • 11x13 | Graduation Day

    Brock and Aaron must fill their tags by day’s end. King of the Swamp Troy Landry hunts with his dad. Ashley gets sick as she and Ronnie rush to fill their boat. Willie gives his son a final exam.
  • 11x12 | Swamp on Fire

    On the hottest day of the season, Daniel and Big Tee risk a trip into the scorching, unprotected marsh lands. Troy and Terral attempt to lure monsters into shady areas with cold-blooded beef melt. Willie teaches his son to hunt with a treble hook when the beasts won’t bite. Ashley tries to fill her boat despite Ronnie’s struggles with heat stroke.
  • 11x11 | The Cannibal

    Jacob leads the Landry clan into Big Bull Bayou. Chase hunts secluded channels with his tail boat. Daniel and Big Tee track a giant cannibal. Joey hunts solo.
  • 11x9 | One Man Army

    At the midway point of alligator season, Troy makes an urgent plea to his armada to fill more tags and sweetens the deal with a bet. Jacob and Don fish the deep waters of West Grand Lake where the biggest bull gators lurk. While Chase hunts solo, the Edwards go on a mission to catch the Moby Monster. Ronnie and Ashley journey to Gator Bayou, Ronnie's childhood honey hole, for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.
  • 11x8 | Airboat Armada

    Troy assembles a crew to infiltrate Cow Island; Ronnie and Ashley assist the Landrys with an armada of airboats; Brock and Aaron chase their biggest beast of the season.
  • 11x7 | Deadeye Driver

    The swamp heats up as Daniel and Big Tee face off against trespassers. Meanwhile an old timer teaches Troy new tricks. Young guns Brock and Aaron get lost in the Bayou backwaters. Ronnie and Ashley navigate dueling airboats to a secluded honeyhole.