Don't Be Tardy

Don't Be Tardy... is an American reality television series on Bravo that debuted on April 26, 2012.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Don't Be Tardy
  • IMDB: tt2176353
  • Seasons: 7

Latest Don't Be Tardy Episodes

  • 8x12 | A Trip to Remember

    With the Biermanns back home in Atlanta, the family unpack and reflect on all the high, lows and unseen moments of their cross country road trip.
  • 8x11 | The End of the Road

    The Biermann’s epic coast to coast trip finally comes to an end on the sunny beaches of Los Angeles. But as they prepare to say goodbye to the RV, a visit to a psychic raises some eye opening questions about Ariana’s future.
  • 8x9 | One Way Ticket to Quitsville

    Tracey returns as the Biermanns invade Scottsdale, Arizona. Even as they go house hunting and contemplate their future away from Atlanta, Kroy must convince Kim not to call the whole trip off after another setback with the RV.
  • 8x8 | Crystals, Caves, and Kim

    When the Biermanns set out to explore the caves and culture of New Mexico, Kroy finds his true calling as a tour guide, while Kim buys up every road-side crystal she can find. But crystals only soothe Kim’s nerves so much, as she reaches a breaking point over the RV’s faulty air conditioning.
  • 8x5 | From Branson to Breakdown

    After days of stormy weather, the sun finally comes out for the Biermanns as they head to Branson, Missouri, or as Kroy calls it, “the Vegas for Littles.” But the good times only last so long as the RV breaks down in the middle of nowhere.
  • 8x4 | A Country Ghost Town Jamboree

    Hold on to your wigs as the Biermanns come face to face with ghouls and ghosts in the most haunted house in the country. The only thing scarier for Kim? Dropping her phone in the RV toilet.
  • 8x3 | Stuck in the Mud With You

    Still reeling from the bombshell about Kim’s dad, the Biermanns say a heartfelt goodbye to Tracey, whose son awaits her in Atlanta. Meanwhile, a visit to the St Louis Arch triggers Kim’s many phobias.
  • 8x2 | Bugs Boots and Bombshells

    The Biermanns head to Nashville; the Littles go hog wild in a candy store; Kim learns some disturbing news about her father.
  • 8x1 | A Very Biermann Road Trip

    With the kids growing up, the family goes on one last epic vacation - Biermann style -- before Ariana heads off to college next year. Six kids, six weeks, going coast to coast crammed into an RV.
  • 7x7 | Lordy Lordy, Kimmie's 40

    Kim's 40th birthday extravaganza is a gambling-themed party, but she's really hit the jackpot when it comes to her family and friends; the guest list includes Kim's estranged brother, her OBGYN, and pretty much every boy Brielle has ever dated.

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