2 Dope Queens

A series of specials featuring Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams based on the hit comedy podcast of the same name. The show features the fun, fearless queens dishing on “Cocoa Khaleesis,” dating white baes, sex, New York-living, the best borough for pizza and more.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: 2 Dope Queens
  • IMDB: tt7246394
  • Seasons: 2

Series Cast

Latest 2 Dope Queens Episodes

  • 2x4 | Regal AF

    Donning regal gowns, Phoebe and Jessica share their latest luxury indulgences and are joined onstage by Keegan-Michael Key for a game of impressions.
  • 2x3 | Music

    Jessica and Phoebe are joined onstage by Janet Mock, who talks about Ball Culture and her favorite music artists, and Lizzo, who teaches the Queens to play the flute.
  • 2x2 | Nostalgia

    Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams welcome guest Daniel Radcliffe to the stage to partake in a friendship test.
  • 2x1 | Fashion

    Phoebe and Jessica chat about fashion moments with Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o — and challenge her to a braiding competition.
  • 1x4 | Black Nerds (aka Blerds)

    Phoebe and Jessica discuss their fashion inspirations, and are joined onstage by Uzo Aduba to talk about their nerdy obsessions. Plus: comedians Naomi Ekperigin, Al Jackson and Gary Gulman.
  • 1x2 | Hair

    Phoebe and Jessica break down black hairstyles for Sarah Jessica Parker. Plus: comedians Aparna Nancherla, Rhea Butcher and Sheng Wang.
  • 1x1 | New York

    Jon Stewart joins the Queens to share early memories of living in New York, and Phoebe and Jessica test Jon's pizza knowledge. Plus: comedians Michelle Buteau, Mark Normand and Baron Vaughn.

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