Ben 10 Reboot

With the fifth offshoot of the "Ben 10" franchise, the animated series returns to its roots and its original name, bringing teenager Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson, his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max back to life on a new summer vacation journey. As in the original, the stories in the remake of the series also spin around an alien wristwatch called "Omnitrix," with the help of Ben can turn into ten different friendly aliens, which come up with different supernatural powers. He fights enemy aliens and experiences with grandfather and cousin the most exciting vacation imaginable.

TV Shows Info

  • Title: Ben 10 Reboot
  • IMDB: tt6148376
  • Seasons: 3

Series Cast

Travis Willingham

Travis Willingham


Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Ben Tennyson

Roger Craig Smith

Roger Craig Smith


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Latest Ben 10 Reboot Episodes

  • 3x8 | Show Don't Tell

    Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max arrive at a Native American national park to witness the Ayasha Plinths, an ancient Stonehenge-like rock formation. But when the sinister sorcerer Hex arrives, Ben must battle against a beast Hex magically made out of huge rocks!
  • 3x7 | Poles Apart

    A trip to the South Pole goes upside down when Team Tennyson lands on the North Pole instead, but Ben quickly discovers the culprits: Solar & Polar Twain, magnetically-powered scientists who want to hold the world ransom by threatening to reverse Earth's magnetic poles!
  • 3x6 | Speechless on the Seine

    While in Paris, Ben catches Zombozo robbing the Louvre. The Circus Freaks reunite with Zombozo and he hypnotizes Ben to be silent like a mime.
  • 3x5 | King of the Castle

    Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max travel to Castle Bishopbrook to visit a distant royal relative. Ben gets worried about his 3 missing aliens: Grey Matter, Wildvine and Overflow. Kevin bullies Ben again and he has Ben's missing aliens, Dark Matter, Thornblade and Undertow.
  • 2x32 | Ye Olde Laser Duel

    As team Tennyson admires the modern train station, Ben sniffs out one of Steam Smythe's robots holding up the line. Once the fed up villain tricks Ben into accepting a duel, the fate of the Omnitrix hangs in the balance.
  • 2x31 | Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom

    When Ben and Max get into an argument, Ben goes Heatblast to blow off steam against Max’s wishes; but once Dr. Animo spots him and subsequently turns Max into a chicken, it’s up to Ben to save his Grandpa and stop Dr. Animo, now using a bat-based monster with sonic screams.
  • 2x29 | Super-Villain Team-Up

    After a lull in alien antics, a restless Ben suggests to Max and Gwen that he might be a better hero if he went solo, but once Vilgax enlists the help of Zombozo to build a giant hypno-mechanism to hypnotize the entire world, Ben must rethink his strategy if he is to defeat the evil alliance between them.
  • 2x28 | The Feels

    While Gwen and Max are enamored by wintertime fun during the summer, Ben isn't interested until the Weatherheads attack, intent on feeding off the emotional energy caused by destroying the town.
  • 2x27 | Fear the Fogg

    As Max attempts to get Ben and Gwen to the Four Corners Monument before sunset, an ominous fog bank engulfs the roadway and forces Max to drive at a snails pace, but once The Fog comes to life and attacks the Rust Bucket for its battery, Team Tennyson must work together if they are to navigate to safety.

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