A Haunting - Season 8

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A Haunting Season 8 Episodes

  • 8x1 | Heartland Horror

    A teenager with paranormal abilities matches wits against a cagey demon intent on engineering the teen's demise when Season 8 begins.
  • 8x2 | Mind Control

    A family find an evil necklace while renovating a relative's home, and end up bringing a dark entity into their own house, which is why they've contacted a demonologist for help.
  • 8x3 | Eternal Grief

    What seems like a dream home in rural Indiana quickly turns into something darker when the new owner experiences unexplained voices and scents, which lead her to believe the house is haunted by the ghost of the previous occupant.
  • 8x4 | Game of Lies

    A family worry about the negative effect an imaginary friend, which they soon come to believe is an angry ghost, is having on their daughter.
  • 8x5 | Evil Rises

    A woman assumes orbs she notices in some photos are images of friendly spirits. However, when a dark entity begins tormenting her family, she realizes they are dealing with evil and steps need to be taken to protect her loved ones.
  • 8x6 | Tunnel of Death

    Candace and John St. Clair explore a tunnel with a gruesome history; an uninvited guest follows them home.
  • 8x7 | House of Sorrows

    A couple move into a home with a tragic history and soon come to believe that it's haunted. After several attacks, they call paranormal investigators for help, but a careless mistake could make things worse.
  • 8x8 | Demons Never Die

    A home is invaded by what is believed to be a demon hell-bent on hurting the members of a family one by one.
  • 8x9 | Ghosts of War

    After a menacing Nazi soldier seeks vengeance for his death and threatens an innocent couple, they seek help to make peace with his ghost.
  • 8x10 | Vision of Terror

    A woman suspects that her late husband is haunting her home. But then an incident involving her daughter makes her wonder if she's dealing with an evil entity.
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